Book Table of Contents



Chapter 0: Notice

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part 1: Concepts

Chapter 2: Product Safety

Chapter 3: Engineering Ethics

Chapter 4: Product-Safety Concepts

Chapter 5: Hazards, Risks, Accidents, and Outcomes

Chapter 6: A Product-Design Process

Part 2: Application

Chapter 7: Product-Safety Engineering

Chapter 8: Engineering-Design Guidance

Chapter 9: Product-Safety Facilitators

Chapter 10: Product-Safety Engineering Methods

Chapter 11: Product-Safety Defects and Recalls

Chapter 12: Conclusions

Appendix A: Product-Safety Hazards Checklist

Appendix B: Hand-Operated Winch

Engineering Ethics and Design for Product Safety (DFPS), Kenneth L. d'Entremont, 2021, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY

© K.L. d’Entremont, 2021