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Engineers should not have to put their careers on the line to do what is ethical.

—From the book
Chapter 12: Conclusions


The New York Times article describing pivotal engineering-ethics events in the author’s career as a corporate manager of product-safety engineering

A video on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, submitted with a consumer complaint, shows a Polaris RZR on fire. (NYT 09/06/19)

Jeans, David. “The Polaris RZR, an Off-Road Thrill That Can Go Up in Flames.” New York Times, September 6, 2019.



LinkedIn Post (06/14/21): Utah Students Engineer a Solution for Eye Exams in Remote Areas

University of Utah Moran Eye Center and Mechanical-Engineering Department

The eye-exam table design includes a 3D-printed head support, top, and, from left to right bottom, a portable case that converts to a table with slide-out extensions on both sides to create a larger workspace. The team used collapsible trekking poles as table legs, allowing users to adjust the table height.

It was a privilege to advise a great group of University of Utah Mechanical-Engineering students who designed, analyzed, tested, and constructed this portable work surface and power supply.

They did a terrific job–even in the middle of COVID-19 gathering restrictions.

LinkedIn Post (11/10/20): Acting US CPSC Chair, Robert Adler, addresses the class

Involving Engineering Students in the ASTM Standards-Development Process (09/14/20)

Drafting a new standard for commercial e-scooters through WK70724 with many thanks to Ms. Molly Lynyak, Dr. Robert Whittlesey, and ASTM.


Engineering Ethics and Design for Product Safety (DFPS), Kenneth L. d'Entremont, 2021, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY

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